Afraid of a Hot Air Balloon ride

So, You’re Afraid of Heights?

That’s okay… about 5% of the world is just like you, and it’s twice as common for women as it is for me. However, there’s no need to worry… we have taken hundreds (maybe thousands) of people with acrophobia on hot air balloon rides. And, you know what? They all made it safely back home. Below are a few questions we get from people who are apprehensive about flying.

What’s it Like Going Up in a Balloon?

Well, it’s a softer ride than many think. As you lift off the ground, the gondola (basket) will generally slide a little bit, but you can’t really feel yourself going up. As a matter of fact, it’s not even as scary as an elevator ride.

What’s it Like Going Down?

When you make a descent on your hot air balloon ride, you will find it to be just as smooth as your ascent. You will probably climb at about 50 feet a minute, but you wouldn’t know it if your eyes were closed. (An airplane normally ascends and descends at about 700 feet per minute!)

What About the Wind?

The wind that moves the hot air balloon isn’t scary in the slightest. As a matter of fact, you can’t even feel the wind, because you will be traveling with the wind. This means it will be just like standing in your kitchen, only with one heck of a view!

Still Concerned About Your Fears?

No worries… our pilots are among the best in the country at easing your fears. If you want to take a hot air balloon ride, but are afraid, please give us a call. We will do our best to ease your mind. Remember, we have flown several thousand people over the past 30 years, and all have ended up having the experience of a lifetime.

Still Worried? Call us!

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