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Getting Ready for Your Hot Air Balloon Ride

Wear Proper Attire: As a general rule, you should dress for the weather as you walk out your door. However, taking a hot air balloon ride is a sport. So, you should wear closed toe, flat soled shoes (like tennis shoes) and loose clothing. In addition, you would be well advised to wear something to cover your head (like a ball cap), because the burners do get warm.

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Health Concerns: In most cases, health is not an issue. However, if you have any serious spinal problems or knee/hip issues, it can be a concern. This is because landings can be rough (this is VERY weather dependent), and getting into and out of the gondola (basket) can be tough as well. As a general rule, if you can easily climb a step stool, you can take a hot air balloon ride.


Shown above are some passengers from our
Phoenix partners in flight, Aerogelic Ballooning.

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Pregnant Passengers: Sorry we cannot fly anyone who is Pregnant; Please call us after the Baby is born. Also, anybody with recent or upcoming surgery`s that could affect their ability to step up into or down out of the basket, stand for over an hour and be able to hold on and brace for landing. Most landings are very smooth, but occasionally the winds can pick up and we can have a fast (sometimes rough & exciting) landing. Please call if you have any concerns and need more information.

Overweight Passengers: Overweight Passengers: Safe hot air ballooning is very much dependent upon the weight, so we do have some “weight restrictions.” Unfortunately, we must make allowances for both the size and weight when booking our flights as this affects the flight time and comfort of all passengers. The gondola can be cramped, and larger people can limit the space to safely move around, and may reduce the number of passengers we can safely take aloft.

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Afraid of Heights: Not to Worry… Our pilots are the best at what they do. You hot air balloon ride will be even gentler than most elevator rides. You may have a slight sensation of lift, but most people don’t even notice it. You can go from ground level to over 5000 feet and not even know it.

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