basic seattle hot air balloon ride

Seattle Hot Air Balloon Rides

About Our Basic Seattle Hot Air Balloon Ride

Our basic hot air balloon ride near Seattle is, by far your best bet for getting a truly exciting experience if you are on a budget. Our basic flight package is just as complete a service as you might expect from Over the Rainbow, Seattle’s premier hot air balloon ride company.

What You Can Expect: Sunrise Flight

When you choose a Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride, you will meet at our predetermined launch location, where you will be picked up by our flight crew. Depending on the wind, you will be taken to one of our many launch sites in the area you have selected. Your flight will last about an hour, but the whole experience lasts about 3 hours, after which you will be taken back to your vehicle free of charge.

Basic Seattle
Hot Air Balloon Ride


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Pre-Flight Experience

Before the flight, the pilot will launch a small, helium filled balloon (called a “Pi-Ball”) to determine wind speed and direction. From this, your pilot will choose a safe launch location. Once at that site, he will confirm wind speed and direction and either launch from there or move to another location.

Launching the Balloon

Once you have arrived at the designated launch point, the crew will start assembling the balloon and readying it for flight. We encourage you to make full use of your cameras, as this is quite a show as you watch the envelope (the balloon) slowly take shape and rise into the air. Then, when so directed by the pilot, you will climb into the basket (the “gondola”) and take off on your hot air balloon ride.

The Hot Air Balloon Ride

Depending on conditions, your actual flight time will be around an hour (typically 45-75 minutes). As the winds go in different directions at different levels, your pilot will steer the balloon using these winds and fly you to your final destination. Of course, a large part of the excitement is that you never truly know where you land until you get there.

The Balloon Chase Vehicle

After you launch, the crew will put away the equipment left behind, and “chase” your hot air balloon to it’s landing spot. Once you come in for a landing, the crew will assist the pilot in disembarking the passengers.

Getting Out of the Gondola

As with all flights anywhere, passengers must follow the directions of the pilot and crew. When your hot air balloon ride is complete, the pilot will direct the passengers to disembark, one at a time. Please remember to follow the pilot’s instructions explicitly… This is the most dangerous part of the flight.

After the Flight

After your hot air balloon ride is over, you will be either taken to Suite C’s Vino for a wine tasting (sunset flights only) or have a champagne and fruit juice toast (sunrise flights only) at the landing site. After this is done, you will be taken back to your vehicles. Of course, this is all included in the price of your hot air balloon ride.