hot air balloon ride flight paths for seattle

Sunset Hot Air Balloon Ride Possible Flight Paths

About Our Different Flight Paths

As you are probably aware, a hot air balloon flies according to the winds, and the winds are controlled by many things. Land topography (mountains, lakes, etc.), buildings, weather systems, even the cars and pavement we drive on affect the wind. So, the reason we have different possible flight paths for our hot air balloon rides in the Seattle area is because of the wind and the terrain.

What About The Wind?

Normally, the winds go from northwest to the southeast in our area of Washington, and are the most predictable along the corridor that borders the northern end if the Cascade Mountain Range. As can be expected, the winds follow along the edge of the range, making the area from Woodinville to Redmond a great place to take your hot air balloon ride.

What About the Terrain?

Although it can vary at different times, the nearby Northern Cascade Mountains offer you, as a hot air balloon passenger, a wonderful experience. Since the winds follow the edge of the mountains, you can expect to see the Cascades to the east, Seattle to the west, and, on a clear day, even the Olympic Mountains far to the west.

And the Weather?

Yes, your hot air balloon ride will be affected by the weather, so we can’t truly predict your exact flight path. Generally, though, you will be flying northeast to southwest, and the opposite if there are any weather changes off the coast. Regardless, you can rest assured you will be thrilled when you take your hot air balloon ride with Over the Rainbow hot air balloon rides.


This is one of the many sights you may experience on your hot air balloon ride in Washington!

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