Snohomish Wa Hot Air Balloon Rides

General Information for Snohomish Hot Air Balloon Rides

Our Snohomish Hot Air Balloon Rides

When you choose to take a hot air balloon ride with us from Snohomish, you will may be meeting us at the Maltby Cafe in Snohomish if the winds are favorable*. One of our favorite staging points where we will set up and launch the hot air balloon for your ride. Of course, you may want to enjoy one of their marvelous breakfasts after your flight.

(*Unfavorable winds may force us to launch in Woodinville, WA)

The Hot Air Balloon Launch

Our professional crew will set up the hot air balloon right outside the cafe, and passengers will board on direction from the pilot. Once aloft, we will take you on a journey of about 8 miles, which will take about an hour. (NOTE: flight times may vary as much as 20 minutes due to weather and atmospheric conditions)

The Sights

Our hot air balloon launch point in Snohomish will provide you with a wonderful flight experience over the Snohomish River Valley. Some of the sights our customers have seen are a corn maze, many different crops and fields. However, fog is common on morning flights, which would make for an unsafe landing, so our Snohomish flights are sometimes delayed or launch from another location.

Alternate Launch Points

In some cases our evening flight paths will change to a different are due to having winds from the west. In this case, you will be flying towards Duvall or Carnation, possibly passing over a few miles of beautiful forest as well as other wineries in the world famous Woodinville Wine Country just east of Seattle.

Evening Wine Tasting

After your evening hot air balloon ride, you will be treated to a special wine-tasting at Suite C’s Vino in Woodinville.