weight restrictions for hot air balloon rides

Hot Air Balloon Ride Weight Restrictions

Hot Air Balloons and other aircraft carrying commercial passengers are certified and registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with weight limitations. Since we only carry an average of 8 passengers per balloon, compared to a commercial jet airliner carrying a couple of hundred passengers per flight it makes it more difficult for us to distribute extra weight. We are the largest Balloon company in the Seattle area and often fly several balloons at a time. Which allows us more flexibility to distribute extra weight. While most of our local competitors will charge double for Passengers weighing more than 200 lbs. It is not our policy to charge for additional weight but we do reserve the right to decline your reservation if it impacts the total passenger load for that flight. (In the event this becomes necessary, we will reach out to you with available options) That is why we require weight information when reserving your flight, it gives us the best opportunity to accommodate.


It Is Usually About Pleasure

In essence, we want you and your fellow passengers to have the most enjoyable hot air balloon ride possible and will try our best to keep everyone happy.

It’s Always About Safety