woodinville wa hot air balloon launch location

Woodinville Sunrise Balloon Launch Location

Woodinville Sunrise Meeting Location

First of all, the weight restrictions we have in place are not about being mean because someone has a few extra pounds. It’s all about the ballast. We can only fly so much weight for a given amount of time. Also, the weight affects the handling characteristics of the balloon. So, you see, the weight of the passengers in the basket affects the entire flight performance as well as the quality of the flight for all passengers.

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Basic Requirements Before Flight

There are some basic tips to remember before you take your hot air balloon ride. First off, please dress for the weather. Since we are near Seattle, the temperature can change quickly from chilly to warm, so wear a light jacket, which can be removed during flight. Also, please remember to wear closed-toe shoes and a ball cap for safety as well as comfort.

Sunset Meeting Location

We meet our passengers at Suite C’s Vino
12601 NE Woodinville Dr, Suite C
Woodinville, WA 98072

Below is a map to the Sunset launch location at Suite C’s in Woodinville, WA.