Selecting the Right Balloon Ride

Sunrise Balloon Ride

morning hot air balloon ride on grass field
Even if you are not a morning person, the morning flight will be a pleasant eye-opener. You have to commit to waking up early in the morning to make this flight but it is well worth it. The weather is usually milder in the early morning making it softer experience ballooning. When you see the sunrise from the gondola you’ll be really glad you dragged yourself out of bed. Besides if you are a morning person this is the perfect fit to see what everyone else misses.

You will find yourself surrounded by beautiful farmland and rolling hills. Your effort go on a morning ride in the basket of a hot air balloon takes the experience to a whole new level.
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Sunset Balloon Ride

evening hot air balloon ride
A breathtaking why to start a memorable evening. Whether it is a date night or night out with friends make a big impression.  The experience ends with wine tasting at one of the premier wine tasting spots in Washington. 

At sunset, the surface wind tends to be a little calmer than at sunrise. Or if you really do not want to get up at o'dark thirty in the morning this is balloon ride for you.  Ending the experience with wine or beer tasting makes this and exceptional night out.
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Private Balloon Ride

all smiles landing
Just you and your family or friends on a trip of a lifetime. 

Seeking a distinct means to celebrate that unique occasion in your life? See Woodinville Wine Country from a new perspective? Book an exclusive balloon trip with Over the Rainbow Hot Air Balloon Rides and learn everything about the wonderful world of ballooning.

Our personal hot air balloon adventures are the best way to check out the appeal of the Seattle area. They are noteworthy for a romantic, picturesque time, regardless of what event you're commemorating, or if you just want to take a flight for enjoyable. We've seen it all on private trips! Marital relationship propositions, couples celebrating anniversaries as well as those who simply want the entire basket to themselves.

Our exclusive hot air balloon flight is for two to ten people.  Give you and your family and experience and memories that will last a lifetime.

Enjoy a balloon adventure in all your senses, choose the people to share it and book your flight now! We are waiting for you!
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