Private Hot Air Balloon Rides Near Seattle

Private Hot Air Balloon Rides

Hot Air Balloon ride near Seattle just taking off
Thinking about a Hot Air Balloon Ride near Seattle just for your group? Sometimes people think they need to rent a private hot air balloon for their flight because perhaps they plan to propose, they are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or something else very special. Some may prefer a private flight because they think they may be uncomfortable in such close proximity to people they don’t know. That is not necessarily true. We have a great number of proposals, anniversary and birthday celebrations on our shared balloon flights every year. Sometimes this adds to the excitement, especially if you plan to “pop the question”! And there may be other passengers celebrating the same birthday or anniversary, etc. on your flight. Our shared basket rides, in addition to offering the best value, are also an opportunity to make new friends – remember, we only let nice people fly with us!
Having said all of that, you may still prefer a more intimate setting, or for a family get-together (or reunion) or corporate rewards event. Our private hot air balloon rides offer the same meeting times, flight paths and panoramic views as our shared basket sunrise and sunset balloon rides, but you get to pick who and how many passengers are on your balloon ride.


a group of happy people in a hot air balloon basket awaiting take off.
You private hot air balloon ride is one of our basic hot air balloon rides, with the only difference being that you know all the people on your flight. You also control the number of passengers, allowing you to have a more comfortable ride with more room for movement while in the gondola (the basket). You end up having a more private and personal experience.


Because of our sterling reputation for outstanding customer experience, we stay pretty busy during our season, from mid June through late September and sometimes through October. The best days to schedule a private hot air balloon flight will be weekdays, although we may be able to take you on a private balloon adventure on some weekends.


hot air balloon side
Looking for a private hot air balloon ride near Seattle just for your group of 2-8 passengers, you will be paying for 8 passengers, so look for 8 spaces available on our calendar. If your group is between 9 - 16 passengers, you will pay for 16 passengers and that would require two balloons, and so on. You will have complete control of the amount of people and who is on your hot air balloon ride. This also includes a private van(s) to transport your party to the launch site and back after landing with private seating for the post flight celebration
For a private basket or shared basket hot air balloon flight,  go to our calendar and check if there is enough space for your group. Remember, there must be spaces available for 8, 16, etc. If you would like more clarification or don't see what you're looking for, please call us at (425) 487-8611.
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